Cardiac First Responders Limerick

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Register of CFR Schemes

When you wish to set up a CFR group in your community you should contact National Ambulance Service They will advise you on the administration and training required. We at Munster Medics have set up a Register for all Community First Responder Groups in Limerick, new and existing. The purpose of this Register is to collaborate information from all CFR groups in the Limerick area. This also includes giving advice on setting up CFR groups, training, checking AEDs, and setting up a proper communication system within the group. The Register will also help groups to share information and new ideas with other groups.

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In Ireland approximately 5,000 People die each year from Cardiac Arrest, that is on average 13 people each day. Approximately 70% of these happen in the home,at work,or during a leisure pursuit in the presence of family, friends, colleagues or strangers. Effective CPR and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator within the first 3 to 5 minutes of Cardiac Arrest can produce survival rates as high as 49% to 75%.

Community First Responder

A Community First Responder is a member of the public who volunteers to help their community, work place or sports organisation by responding to medical emergencies while the National Ambulance Service is on its way. Minimum training is Basic Life Support and use of AED.

CFR Schemes

First Responder Schemes are not intended to replace the National Ambulance Service, but rather to complement and enhance same. They should be connected to the National Ambulance Control Centre to enable prompt dispatch to an emergency. Upon receipt of a 999/112 call, Community First Responders are dispatched at the same time as the National Ambulance Service. This in turn could help save lives and help with response times set down by HIQA. First Responders are only dispatched to Chest Pain, Choking, Stroke, Respiratory and Cardiac Arrest within a 5km radius of their communities.

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